Magic Essence

An Ultima Online Experience

Adventure if you dare.

The World Awaits..


Welcome to Magic Essence!

You have reached the gateway to many new skills and adventures!!

Ultima Online -Magic Essence;

Felucca only. Spells cost mana-no regs. EASY SKILL and stat gains. no skill cap-100 per. 275 stat cap. T2A era shard-without T2A for a smaller map. Auto Account Creation. Vendors inventory refreshes every min. Full spellbook and a blank runebook at start.

“Good ‘ol Days” 15/16 era style shard. start with a blank runebook, Moonglow is the home city and Moongates have clickable destinations.
Interested in playing with a few friends? bring a good attitude and a sense of adventure.

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Ultimate Private Servers

to connect to Magic Essence using Razor:


port: 2593


On It's Way..